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Hi! I'm BJ Bronstad, aka, Mr Big Dreamer

BJ Bronstad's Bio: Are You Branding You? Hello & Welcome! My name is BJ Bronstad. I am a Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Creative, Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, & Online & Offline Marketing Expert with an emphasis on Local, SEO and Social Mobile Integration. My mission is to help you reach your target audience wherever they may be & wherever they may go. To put it simply, I get you found. Among my 24 years of online projects, I've launched several marketing campaigns in Real Estate, Direct Sales, & Video-based Marketing. While working in the Real Estate field as both a Loan Officer and Realtor, I experienced that first aha moment regarding the power of the internet & online marketing: During those 7 years, I built all of my business with word of mouth marketing & referral -- & then added leveraging internet video & social networks. Within a year, I had more people asking me about my online video marketing than the real estate I was sharing via it.  Already loving technology, it was definitely that aha moment to move on from real estate & help others to utilize the internet for their dreams & passions, too. Thus, Dream Big Services for all Online Marketing pursuits was born. The consulting I've done continues to serve a great many of my friends in the real estate profession or other, as well as a variety of entreprenuers.  If you have a business online and you are not getting the results you desire, then we should talk. I am certain I can provide you with multiple ideas to expand & maximize your exposure on & offline that would absolutely increase your business.  I carry a number of digital marketing certifications, as well as receive ongoing online webinar education via the masters of the industry to ensure that I can optimize the services I provide for you. If there is a way  I & my team can help you, please call or email me at [email protected]  Make it a great day! BJ Bronstad

BJ Bronstad's Experience:

  • Chief Visionary Officer, Digital Marketer, Project Manager at Dream Big Services Inc.

    Our mission is to help small & large businesses & entrepreneurs to integrate their product marketing and operations via all possible online mediums. We specialize in video & webinar-based marketing. We brand you & get you found wherever you may be or go in the world.

  • Creative Director & Project Manager at Social Media Mobile Fusion

    We are a firm that works with local small businesses to expand the reach and scope of their Social Media footprint. We set up and teach in all areas Social + Local + Mobile = Increase Customer Awareness & Exposure. As small business owners, we understand the need for wearing multiple hats to achieve growth. We work together as a team to help your local customers find you online and off-line. Make it a great day! BJ Bronstad " Mr BigDreamers "

  • Director of Sales Minnesota / Internet Marketing Director at Saddletrampusa

    As many of you know, if it's warm I am on my bike (motorcycle). Well, Saddle Tramp USA is bringing its high gloss magazine to the twin cities and I am leading the charge. Ask yourself 3 questions ; 1) Do you ride a bike ? (Motorcycle or Scooter) 2) Do any of your customers ride a bike? (Motorcycle or Scooter) 3) Do you want Loyal customers? If you can answer YES to any (1) of these (3) questions get in touch with me to talk about how we can help you reach your interested demographic that is already loyal and active in the community. Also if you ride &/or sponsor events, then you should let us know so that we can make certain to include them in our events section. Til then, remember: "Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the spirit." Richee ~ Editor, Saddletrampusa

  • BNI Member at BNI

  • Sales, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing Consultant at Big Dreamers Marketing

    I am a creative Marketing Consultant, drawing from the best of new technology & on and off line marketing. As a firm, we are helping ours clients reach their dreams by using our network of resources to solve their challenges and launch their dreams.

  • Sales & Marketing Specialist, Team Leader & Trainer at VMdirect

    Providing streaming media presentations for individuals and companies around the world.

BJ Bronstad's Education:

  • Digital Marketer Certification Program

    Digital Marketer
    Concentration: Digital Marketing, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Brand Marketing, Customer Value Optimization, Split Testing, Lead Magnets, Sales Copy
    Activities: Digital Marketing, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Brand Marketing, Customer Value Optimization, Split Testing, Lead Magnets, Sales Copy
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University

  • Saint Cloud State University - G.R. Herberger College of Business

    Concentration: Biology, Marketing

BJ Bronstad's Interests & Activities:

Writing & Teaching Online Marketing, Consulting, Brain-storming, Meditating, Quantum Leaping, Music, Singing, Motorcycles, Healthy Coffee, Pizza, Fostering & Rescuing Dogs, Friends, Superman, Road Trips, Vintage & Classic Cars & Motorcycles, Whiteboards, Markers, Reading, Studying the Internet, Spirituality, Buddhism, Taoism, Holistic Health Care, Chiropractic Care, New Technologies, Outdoors, Nature, Organic Clean Food, SEO, Non-judgment, Mobile Marketing, Social Marketing, Social Media Mobile Fusion, Mobile Integration & Brand Marketing. Helping People with Incredible Messages & Purposes Get Found Online is My Primary Passion.

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